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For those that recieve food stamps and love sushi. Can they purchase sushi with food stamps?

It has been a couple years since I recieved food stamps but rule was you cannot buy pre made, pre cooked food with food stamps. You can get pre made pizzas from Wal-Mart since you have to take them home and cook them, but you cannot use the food stamps to order pizza from pizza hut. The case worker will know better but I don't believe you can use them to buy sushi from a fast food restaurant. Wal-Mart sells sushi, but not sure if that would be considered precooked.

Can any of the dishes be made without rice? Love your food but can't have rice. Thank you?

They custom make all of their dishes. I'm sure they would make yours without rice if needed.

Do they serve Katsudon by any chance?

I wasn't sure what it was so I did a search and it looks great. I will say I have not seen it there. When looking at their menu I don't see it either. I know he has done ramen at times in the past. It might be worth reaching out to them and ask. I would definitely try some if they did.

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